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Terms of Sale

  1. AAA Closeout Liquidators, B.E.L., et al and affiliates (“AAA”) are in the wholesale business of buying and selling closeouts salvage and returned goods to businesses. Closeouts, Salvage, and Returns consist of customer returns, factory seconds, reconditioned goods,  irregulars, overstocks, and out-of-season goods. Buyer shall be solely responsible for and shall pay the cost of all shipping of the merchandise.
  2. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold “AAA” harmless from any and all claims of any kind or nature, including but not limited to all liability, demands, or actions arising from any sale or resale of closeouts, salvage, customer returns, chain store, or liquidation merchandise.
  3. Buyer as representing his company and also on a personal and individual basis agrees and acknowledges that all merchandise sold according to this agreement is sold “AS IS” and “where-is”. Seller makes no guarantee, warranties, or representations expressed or implied, without limitation of merchandise fitness or marketability. Seller shall not be liable for any buyer’s remorse or dissatisfaction in regards to the sale or quality of merchandise. All goods are sold “EX WORKS: shipping point of origin warehouse for international sales and FOB: shipping point of origin for USA sales. The buyer understands that he/she is responsible for arranging and paying all shipping and trucking costs from the FOB shipping point.
  4. Buyer shall not advertise the merchandise using the store, mail order catalog name, manufacturer’s brand names, or trademarks. The buyer will sell the inventory only in a low-profile secondary location. Once this purchase order is submitted it may not be canceled or the merchandise refused by the buyer for any reason.
  5. The buyer agrees that all information received from the seller will be kept confidential. You hereby agree to abide by the “terms of use” stipulations and conditions as posted on our website. Buyer agrees not to circumvent or try to go around the seller and will not make any contact, direct or indirect, with a retail chain store, manufacturer, importer, exporter, or any introduced supplier without permission of AAA Closeout Liquidators.
  6. It is agreed that the online submission of this order form and the acceptance of this agreement is enforceable and binding as a signed original. By submitting the posted “order form” online, by emailing us at or, or by submitting our forms on our website you accept this agreement and will hold harmless and waive rights to any claims against “AAA” its officers, employees, associates, and affiliates, in the event of losses, condition of purchased merchandise, missing quantities, and defective items found in the goods purchased. All vendors selling inventory to AAA closeout liquidators and companies submitting inventory to us for purchase, agree to the terms detailed in the online purchase order shown on our sell to us page.
  7. This agreement is valid for any transaction between the parties herein and shall be governed only by New York State laws. In the event of a dispute, the dispute will be settled by binding arbitration with the rules of the American Arbitration Association located in New York City, N.Y., USA, by one or more arbitrators. Buyer hereby accepts such selected jurisdiction located in New York City, NY, as the exclusive venue for all hearings and proceedings. The duration of the Agreement shall perpetuate for five (5) years from the date of submission of this order or purchase.
  8. When I type in my name on the order form and click “Submit”, or when I send an email to AAA Closeout liquidators with an order, I attach my electronic signature and have read, understand, and agree to the terms of sale and conditions of this agreement and also to the “terms of use” provisions and conditions, as posted on this website ( I represent and warrant to AAA Closeout Liquidators, B.E.L., “AAA” et al and affiliates, that this terms of sale and purchase agreement were carefully read and is understood and has been duly authorized, executed, submitted, and delivered by me on my own individual and personal basis and also on behalf of my employer and constitutes a legal, valid and binding agreement.


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