Closeouts, Liquidation and Customer Returned Merchandise.

Why sell to AAA Closeout Liquidators?

  • We have 41 years of experience in the closeouts & liquidation business.
  • Excellent credit rating by D&B.
  • We pay top dollar for dead inventory. We can afford to pay much more because we have a higher class trade than most. Why sell for less?
  • Your valuable brand name will be protected!
  • Since 1979, we have exported closeouts and overstock inventory to our customers in Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Guyana, Colombia, Chile, Japan, India, Sweden, Great Britain, Russia, China, Romania, and Ukraine.
  • Exporting closeouts will keep your merchandise out of the USA marketplace and prevent complaints from your current customers.
  • Allow you to free up precious retail and warehouse space.
  • Cut overhead and operating expenses.
  • We pay quickly via FedEx and bank transfer.
  • We are closeout buyers and NOT brokers.
  • Why waste your time with brokers and auction websites? (By “shopping around” your closeouts and overstocks, you will intrinsically tarnish your brand name and cheapen your  liquidation merchandise!)
  • We buy the entire lot “clean out” no cherry-picking! No barter! Quick decisions!
  • Increase your working capital, create open to buy.
  • We are experienced in turning dead inventory into working capital in unique ways, without hurting your brand or image.
  • Cleaning out your stale merchandise will keep your goods clean and current. Your customers will be able to focus on current merchandise, rather than last year’s residuals. It will allow you to concentrate on selling profitable items, making your business more productive and efficient.
  • MOST IMPORTANT, we will do everything in our power to make you look good!

We prefer to buy excess merchandise direct from USA based manufacturers, importers, and retail stores. We ship closeout inventory to over 100 low profile outlet stores located in secondary locations in the USA and overseas.

Looking for companies buying closeout merchandise? Closeout buying has been our goal and passion since 1979.  We are reputable closeout Buyers, Ready To Buy your Excess Inventory.

We want to buy the following type of *closeouts, overstock, and liquidation merchandise  *

  • Apparel & Clothing closeouts
  • Art closeouts
  • As Seen On TV closeouts
  • Automotive closeouts
  • Baby Items overstock
  • Book Closeouts
  • Building Supply liquidations
  • Cameras overstock
  • Candles liquidation
  • Cleaning Supplies closeouts
  • Computer liquidation & software closeouts
  • Dollar Store liquidation
  • Domestics liquidation
  • DVD & Video liquidations
  • Electronic closeouts
  • Fabric Closeouts & Remnants by the yard or the lb.,
  • Fashion Accessories closeouts
  • Food & Grocery closeouts
  • Frozen foods closeouts
  • Furniture Liquidation
  • Gifts closeouts
  • Greeting Cards liquidations
  • Handbags liquidations & Luggage closeouts
  • Health & Beauty (HBC) closeouts
  • Housewares closeouts
  • Jewelry liquidations
  • Lawn & Garden closeouts
  • Music closeouts
  • Office Supplies closeouts
  • Paint closeouts
  • Paper goods-toilet tissue, baby diapers, paper towels
  • Party Supplies closeouts
  • Perfumes closeouts
  • Rugs & Carpet closeouts
  • Shoe Closeouts & Athletic footwear closeouts
  • Sporting Goods closeouts
  • Sunglass closeouts
  • Textiles closeouts and remnants
  • Tools & Hardware liquidations
  • Toy closeouts
  • Vitamins liquidations
  • Wallpaper closeouts
  • Watches closeouts


We want to purchase any type of consumer merchandise you would normally find at a Walmart, Target, Costco, Carrefour, Macys or on Amazon.com. We are a one-stop “closeout buyer” that can buy almost any closeout inventory.

We are also buyers of Real estate, Foreclosures, Bank Receivership inventories, Retail store stock, Construction Equipment, Bankruptcy, Going out of Business assets, Commodities like sugar, corn, soybean, scrap metal, and crude oil.

We sell worldwide to reputable  Overstock Buyers & Wholesale Buyers

If you have an urgent closeout question,
please feel free to call us at 718-677-0919 or 718-377-6515, Skype: Professor6515, or email us at buyer@aaacloseout.com
Additional advantages and benefits of doing business with AAA closeout liquidators
Seven (7) Warehouse locations available to serve you better
California- overstock clearance
Los Angeles -wholesale liquidators (150,000 sq. ft.)
Georgia-best buy liquidation
Buford-wholesale merchandise (300,000 sq. ft.)
Illinois-surplus liquidators
Chicago -inventory liquidators, (50,000 sq. ft.)
Minnesota-merchandize liquidators
Eagan (200,000 sq. ft.), Eagan (200,000 sq. ft.) and Eagan (215,000 sq. ft.)
Missouri-furniture liquidators
Bridgeton-best buy liquidation (85,000 sq. ft.) and
Earth City -closeout buyers (125,000 sq. ft.)
Pennsylvania-liquidation websites
Allentown (88,000 sq. ft.)
Texas-merchandise liquidators
Dallas (200,000 sq. ft.)

Why Warehouse Your Overstock Clearance and Excess Inventory?

As you will agree, not everything sells the way we thought it would.
Why have closeouts, overstock, surplus, and discontinued merchandise take up your valuable warehouse space? Wouldn’t you rather have new capital and new found warehouse space? Isn’t it better to get rid of your tired old past season goods and bring in new saleable merchandise?

AAA Closeout Liquidators is proud that many manufacturers, retailers, and importers continuously come back and sell their closeout merchandise to us on a regular basis. We are the first people they contact as they know we give them results.  Much of our closeout liquidation merchandise and overstock clearance buying is from the same companies that we have worked with for years.
Our primary goal is always to keep your product away from your everyday channels of distribution. We have established customers worldwide and can easily export your problem inventory.

Why take the risk of selling to other non- experienced closeout buyersmerchandize liquidators, and liquidation websites?  Why have your closeouts compete with your regular goods?  Why risk having your company’s good name and brand reputation tarnished?

Is your inventory starting to have Birthdays? Then it is definitely time to s
ell your Closeout merchandise, Liquidation, and Overstock Inventory to AAA Closeout Liquidators.

If you sell your overstock merchandise to us, you will be converting your wholesale merchandise and overstock clearance into cash quickly and help improve your bottom line. Selling your closeout merchandise helps your company’s cash flow and improves your company’s balance sheet. Your sales team will have more time to concentrate on selling profitable merchandise. Most important, you will do business with one of the largest and most reputable and experienced closeout buyers and experienced overstock liquidators in the United States.

Wasting money on warehouse outdated and obsolete closeout merchandise is not good business.  Expenses for maintaining warehouse space erodes your company’s bottom line and is not an efficient use of your company’s resources. So if you need to liquidate goods quickly, please offer your closeouts to AAA Closeout Liquidators and receive immediate cash to invest in new merchandise.

Best Buy Liquidation

We are reliable and experienced surplus liquidators and closeout buyers. We have been buying wholesale merchandise and overstock clearance since 1979. We are financially and logistically able to buy a large quantity of closeout inventory and overstock clearance. If you have been wondering where to sell your wholesale merchandise…the good news is that you found the right place for your best buy liquidation.

  • AAA Closeout Liquidators has been a respected closeout buyer and inventory liquidator since 1979. We are financially capable of handling any size deal and make immediate buying decisions.
  • We pay immediately for your closeout wholesale merchandise, Inventory liquidation, and overstock clearance and do not expect extended terms.
  • Are there any pink elephants in your warehouse?  Partner with one of the oldest and most reliable closeout liquidator in the industry.  We are always interested in working with new suppliers and establishing new closeout buying relationships.
  • We are a Merchandise Liquidator who can quickly evaluate your closeout liquidation merchandise and pay you quickly.
  • Since 1979 our company has been known worldwide as reputable and experienced inventory liquidators, warehouse liquidators,  wholesale liquidation and excess inventory buyers.

  • We are also known as reliable closeout merchandise buyers, wholesale buyers, selling inventory, sell inventory, surplus inventory buyers, and closeout buyers, with integrity that are easy to do business with.

  • Please submit your detailed offer to us by “clicking on the link above” and expect a fast reply.

  • We look forward to working with you. Thank you for your business.

Closeout Buyers Distribution and Liquidation Center

Distribution CenterWe now have available to us a New 210,000 square foot Myrtle Beach, S.C. Distribution Center conveniently located 60 minutes from the International Port of Charleston, South Carolina. Provides superb proximity to European, African and Asian Distribution Ports.

It provides fully lit, 7 x 24 security for over 100,000 pallet locations for quick and efficient loading of your closeout liquidation merchandise and overstock clearance. Efficient logistics with truckload trailers and import containers.

Please send your offer details to:buyer@aaacloseout.com
The trusted liquidator of closeouts, customer returns, salvage & surplus liquidations since 1979.