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Our closeout paint division specializes in Wholesale paint, Paint liquidators, overstock paint, recycled paint, mistint paint, paint closeouts, surplus paint, canceled paint orders, Export paint and Paint buybacks.


We buy closeout paint and recycled paint from the largest paint manufacturers and recyclers in the USA and Canada. In 2021 paint manufacturers produced over ONE BILLION gallons of quality paint.


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We are the home of paint at only $1.99 per gallon!
Made the USA or Canada paint.


When these large paint manufacturers discontinue a color or have mistint paint, they know to call us first to liquidate their inventory. We buy huge quantities of their paint closeouts and mistint paint for pennies on the dollar and pass the savings on to our customers. Do not be misled by our competitors with fancy paint liquidation websites.

We are liquidating recycled latex paint at only $1.99 per gallon for special colors!


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All this recycled latex paint is interior/exterior and is professionally sorted, filtered, and mixed by trained technicians to produce a good usable product.  Our totes are solid plastic enclosed in a metal cage to prevent breakage or leakage.

 A biocide is put into the paint to kill any bacteria that could spoil the paint. A stabilizer is also added to retard the natural separation of paint solids and liquids. (all paint separates over time).


We can load Eighteen 275 gallon totes into a 20-export container

a total of 4,950 gallons of paint.

We can ship from both the North East or West Coast factory



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$1.99 and $2.50 per gallon

We are liquidating paint closeouts

Latex flat blended paint (interior) at $ 2.50 per gallon. Your choice of colors


  • Blue – 250 gallons
  • Brown – 750 gallons
  • Light Brown – 5,000 gallons
  • Dark Gray – 1,250 gallons
  • Dark Green – 250 gallons
  • Tan – 250 gallons
  • We also have latex white flat, contractor grade (interior) paint at $3.50 per gallon.
  • Light Blue – 250 gallons
  • Dark Brown – 5,000 gallons
  • Gray – 250 gallons
  • Light Gray – 500 gallons
  • Dark Red – 500 gallons
  • Light Yellow – 750 gallons

All the above paint is packaged in 250 gallon totes . “Made in the USA”. We can load 4,000 gallons in a 20′ container to save you on freight.


All paint is ex works North East USA

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Pictures, specs and details
  • Shipping from CALIFORNIA warehouse
  • We can offer you light-color recycled paint at $1.99 per gallon and darker colors at $ 2.50 per gallon in totes.
  • Also we have latex off-white latex flat paint at $3.99 per gallon in totes or drums.
  • The totes contain 275 gallons in a very secure container.
  • These totes can be double stacked in a 20′ container for savings on export .(Note: From experience totes are preferable to drums)
  • You can pick and choose the colors you wish to receive from the $1.99 per gallon, light color assortment or the $2.50 per gallon, darker color assortment.


We are the best source for Paint closeouts,mistint paint,overstock paint and closeout paint in North America.


First quality “new latex paint closeouts” only $4.49 per gallon in 5 gallon pails. This paint is only $3.99 per gallon when shipped in 250 gallon totes.


The Retail price for this type of latex paint ranges up to $40.00 per gallon. The paint will be off-white. Made in the USA! To save you on freight costs we can ship 4000 gallons in a 20′ container or 4500 gallons in a 40′ container to your overseas port or store/warehouse.

Please note this is not mistints.

Special deal

Shipped from East coast warehouse.(Cheap shipping to South and Central America, Ghana (Tema Port), Africa, Middle East and Europe.)
Please send us your order today….

Paint special

Excellent for export in a 20′ or 40′ container… The Retail price for this paint ranges up to $40.00 per gallon.


White Paint Inventory

We have 20,000 gallons of White latex Flat Paint in 5 gallon pails, only $4.50 per gallon and in 250 gallon totes, only $3.50 per gallon.


* Colored Latex Flat Paint inventory available to ship


Your cost is only $3.00/gal in 250 gallon totes and $4.00/gal in 5 gallon pails Available inventory by Color # of 250 gallon totes Total quantity of Gallons


Available inventory by Color # of 250 gallon totes Total quantity of Gallons


  • Blue-Light- 6 -1,500
  • Brown-Light- 15 -3,750
  • Gray-light- 8- 2000
  • Green-light -2– 500
  • Pink-light – 2 – 500
  • Brown-Dark- 15 -3,750
  • Gray-dark – 7- 1750
  • Gray-dark – 7- 1750
  • Red dark – 11 – 2750
  • Yellow-Light 5 -1,250

We are experienced in shipping paint to Africa, Middle East, China, South and Central America, Europe, Canada, Mexico and from coast to coast in the USA. We can load 3,600 to 4,000 gallons in a 20′ container or 4,200 to 4,500 gallons in a 40′ container. We work with many reliable freight forwarders and will help you in shipping this to your overseas port with pleasure. Join 100’s of satisfied customers worldwide, who after costly trial and error with other paint wholesalers and liquidators found AAA Closeout Liquidators to be the proven and best source for paint. Well worth the money… Order today for USA sales or for export..


We are the best source for Paint closeouts,mistint paint,overstock paint and closeout paint in North America.


Stain and varnish by the container load only $1.99 per gallon. Well known brands… First quality in various size cans.Pints,quarts,one or five gallon cans. We can ship 4,000 gallons in a 40′ container.


Shipment may consist of assorted stains and colors examples of the various type of stains are as follows


  • Solid Color 100% Acrylic Decking Stains are extremely durable exterior stains for use on all wood decking,outdoor furniture and fencing, as well as cement patios and walkways. This exceptionally long-lasting, 100% acrylic finish is also water repellent and fade resistant. It will resist scuffing and dirt/scuff marks. Solid Color 100% Acrylic Decking Stains are ideal for use on most types of lumber including redwood, cedar, cypress, pine and fir, as well as pressure-treated wood. Solid Color 100% Acrylic Decking Stain is easy to apply, dries quickly and cleans up with soap and water. They provide excellent adhesion to new, previously stained or painted surfaces which are in a clean, sound condition.
  • Also may consist of translucent wood finish that protects and beautifies.Water repellent, deep penetrating formula Enhances wood with a unique blend of resin and oil for premium translucent finish. Can also be used on Composite Decking.


  • Interior Varnish provides maximum protection and long-lasting beauty to wood, metal and fiberglass surfaces. Dries hard overnight.
  • Water-based stains offer an easier method to stain wood and provide rich, even stain penetration and long-lasting beauty. Can be used for interior unfinished wood surfaces such as furniture, cabinets, wood doors, and trim. Offers easy-to-use, fast drying formula, and quick warm water clean up.
  • Interior wood stain is a remarkably rich and workable pigmented finish that penetrates deep into wood surfaces,uncovering the hidden beauty of natural grain, character, and texture. Excellent for use on interior wood doors as well as for residential and office furniture. A hardwood Parquet wood floors adds charm and beauty to your home.

Your choice of stain and varnish for interior hardwood floors and furniture or as a protective exterior stain to protect outdoor wood decks against the sun and rain. Our price of $1.99 per gallon is way below wholesale cost .It allows you maximum profit potential.THIS STAIN DEAL IS A MONEY MAKER!



Buy three containers and your cost is only $1.89 per gallon.Get in on a great deal. Place your order today…


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What is recycled paint?

An American homeowner wants to paint his child’s room “light blue” .He goes to the neighborhood paint store and asks the technician to tint the paint for him. By error the technician matches the paint colors incorrectly and gives him a can of “medium blue” paint ! When he arrives home and opens the can he discovers this tinting mistake. He takes the mis-tinted paint back to the store and receives a full refund. These paint tinting errors occur on a continuous basis at busy hardware and paint stores all across the United States. Paint stores work on volume and tinting mistakes do happen. You will be getting high quality American made paint for a small fraction of the retail price, which the original customer paid for the paint. Recycled paint consist of cans that may have been opened by the customer, may be expired, may be dented, may have some paint on side of the cans, may have been the wrong color/ shade/texture or other many other reasons why a customer may return paint to the paint store or a paint return center. Recycled paint are an excellent value and are sought after by smart paint buyers worldwide and are sold by us as “as is” customer returns……


We are the best source for Paint closeouts, mistint paint, overstock paint and closeout paint in North America.


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