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Our Toy closeout division specializes in buying and selling overstock toys, Discount toys, Toy Closeouts, wholesale toys, closeout toys, educational toy, wholesale toys, toy liquidators and Liquidations, name brand and other toys. We are the ultimate toy closeout buyer.


New “first quality” toys at closeout prices

Great Opportunity for large markups and profits. Toy buyer’s dream …. buy new factory packed toys, some items are as low as 10 cents on the dollar… (up to 90% off ). Excellent for USA retail stores, flea market dealers, and auctioneers and also for export worldwide.

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Most important: You can pick and choose and order only the toys you want.


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Way below wholesale cost.

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All first quality new

Toys in original boxes



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Can you sell name brand new toys?

Well known names such as
  • Hasbro
  • Tyco
  • Kenner
  • Milton Bradley
  • Mattel
  • Playschool
  • Little Tikes
  • Fisher-Price
  • Kenner
  • Toy Biz
  • Lego

First quality closeout toy liquidation

Just in time for holiday sales

Hurry this deal will not last first quality closeout toy liquidation just in time for holiday sales 100% authentic and genuine brands no damages, no customer returns. Only first quality new toys in original factory cases. Make big money all toys are in original factory new cases No restrictions. USA or Export sales welcome.


New closeout packages:

We will ship you a nice shipment of our most popular toys and our best sellers. This will increase the appeal of our toys to your customers. Please let us know the type of toys you want in your shipment. We will accommodate you and ship the unique toys that your market demands.


Good package:
Your cost is only $9,995. Now buy new branded toys at salvage prices! Continuous supply. Great Assortment for Flea market vendors, Internet sites, and Retail store! This is way below wholesale cost. You will receive approx. 2,500 brand new toys in their original packaging. Excellent deal.


Better package:
Your cost is only $12,995. Continuous supply.You will receive approx. 3,000 to 4,200 brand new toys in their original packaging. Excellent deal. Great Assortment for Flea market vendors, Internet sites, and Retail store!


Best package:
(Excellent for export) A 20-foot container load of brand new toys. You will receive approx. 6,000 to 10,000 brand new toys in their original packaging. About ten pallets. Excellent deal.Very nice toys to ship overseas. Your cost is only $29,995. Continuous supply available.


The Premium package:
This is the choice of experienced exporters) 40-foot container load of brand new toys (20 pallets). Your cost is $54,995. Receive a complete branded assortment of new toys. You will receive approx. 11,000 to 18,000 brand new toys in their original packaging. Excellent deal. Continuous supply available. You will save on shipping charges when shipping a 40-foot container. Excellent deal. Continuous supply available.


Toy industry dirty secret that our competitors do not want you to know about

  • Some toy liquidators are selling cleaned up used, damaged, customer returned toys and offering it to customers as “new”.
  • Several toy liquidators are selling toys that have been “recalled” by the manufacturers and have unsafe levels of hazardous lead paint.
  • We guarantee that our all our toys are new and first quality in original factory cases.
  • Guaranteed no broken toys!
  • Guaranteed no damaged or used toys!
  • Guaranteed no customer returned toys!
  • We guarantee that the toys we sell do not contain hazardous lead paint and have not been recalled by the manufacturer as unsafe.


Why would you want to deal with a toy liquidator that will not make the above guarantees to you?

Our 39 years of toy liquidation experience is hard to copy or duplicate by inexperienced toy liquidators!


Buy from us and have the true potential to DOUBLE your money by selling NEW TOYS for much less than other toy stores in your neighborhood.


Brand new toys

wholesale cost!. All of it are in their original boxes. All shelf ready! Expect a very nice selection of all new toys for boys and girls of all ages. This lot does not include any customer returns, broken toys, or damages. Lots include a wide variety and assortment and will appeal to boys and girls of all ages.All shelf ready. Buy new products at salvage prices. Continuous supply. We also ship for export. Toys are a fun item sell on E-BAY and in a discount store. High impulse item with a big turnover. Very profitable.


Brands include Mattel Hasbro, Kenner Fisher price, Milton Bradley, Toy biz, tiger electronics and many more desirable names! New toy lot consists of radio remote control vehicles, dolls of all sizes, pre-school/infant toys, action figures, art sets, checkers, board games, dominoes, educational and many more.

Good Job!! The boys up here were really impressed when they started unpacking the new toys yesterday morning. I can guarantee you there will be another toy order coming shortly.
Thanks for all your help,


Barbie, Bratz, Disney, Pixar Cars, Nickelodeon, Fisher-Price, Leapfrog, Lego, Step 2, Starwars, Transformers, Thomas & Friends, Little Tikes

Toy brand abbreviations from our inventory spreadsheet are as follows
  • Am/Pl = American Plastic
  • B&S = Binney & Smith
  • Dry = Dry Branch
  • Frank = Franklin Sports
  • Giddy = Giddy yap
  • Hg = Hasbro Games
  • Imperial = Imperial
  • Intex = Intex
  • Jaru = Jaru
  • kid = kid designs (barbie, Spiderman, & other licensed brands)
  • Ken = Kenner
  • Kent = Kent
  • Lar = Larami
  • Leap = LeapFrog
  • L/kids = Like Kids
  • Mega = Mega Blocks
  • Micro = Micro Games
  • Natural = Natural Science
  • Ohio = Ohio Art
  • Para = paradise
  • Ps = Playskool ( Baby Alive)
  • Press = pressman
  • Radica = Radica

We specialize in

  • Toys Excess Merchandise
  • Toys Surplus
  • Toys Customer Returns
  • Toys Dealers
  • Toys Vendors
  • Toys Surplus
  • Toys Clearance
  • Toys Inventory
  • Toys Closeouts
  • Toys Liquidations
  • Toys Merchants
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  • Toys Wholesalers
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  • Toys Overstock
  • Toys Liquidators
  • Toys Buyers
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  • Toys Bulk
  • Toys Wholesale

Toys  Closeout  and customer returned Inventory from major department stores and chain stores


Overstock Toys


They are a great money maker!!!

A review of the above customer return toy load, from a satisfied long-term customer



I have received the toy order shipment. Great loading, perfect packing, very pleased. All the boxes were taped very firmly with the red tape, none of the boxes were broken and opened.
Thank you so much,

Munkhchim Mongolia toy import company


The trusted liquidator of closeouts, customer returns, salvage & surplus liquidations since 1979.

Closeout Buyers

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Expect to Save 50% – 90% off Wholesale!!!