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AAA CLOSEOUT LIQUIDATORS is one of the largest companies specializing in buying and selling brand name closeouts Merchandise.

Quickly turn your slow-moving and unwanted assets into cash!

  • We buy closeout merchandise for immediate cash payment.
  • Most closeout companies on the internet are brokers and try to sell inventory that they do not own.
  • We only sell merchandise that we buy and own.
  • Deal with AAA Closeout Liquidators and cut out the middle man!
  • Bulk Inventory Buyers
  • Wholesale Liquidation Buyers
  • Excess Inventory Buyers
  • Bulk Closeout Buyers
  • Closeouts buyers
  • Wholesale Closeout Liquidators
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  • Liquidate your products quickly


Get Top Dollars Quickly for Dead Inventory.

Get Top Dollars Quickly for Dead Inventory.

Wholesale Liquidators

  • Since 1979, we have been purchasing closeout deals, liquidations and customer returns from major manufacturers, department stores, and importers. Successful Closeout Buyers know that the secret of making huge profits is to buy “good stuff cheap” and give customers both bargain and value at the same time. Supercharge your business! We help you give it a “shot in the arm” with NAME BRAND department store merchandise.
  • Buy for only pennies on the dollar and offer merchandise at prices you will be proud of (and be the envy of your competitors). Experience customer enthusiasm, fun, excitement… A buying frenzy! Watch your business come alive.
  • Join the many successful retailers and auctioneers who have done business with us since 1979 and found us to be a valuable and proven source that they can trust. We are also rated well with D&B, the largest credit agency in the USA. Merchandise is shipped fresh from the central warehouse, direct to your door. Trailers are locked/sealed for your protection. We only use insured and bonded carriers. In our business, “the client is the king”. We will do everything possible to make sure that you are happy. AAA Closeout Liquidators works hard to build a long-term relationship with our customers.
  • We are always willing “to go the extra mile” and help you navigate through the noise to achieve business success. We also pay generous finders fees of $1,000 to $5,000. to brokers for referrals to manufacturers and importers who have closeout goods to liquidate. We also pay commissions to brokers that bring us a solid customer.




  • NOT affiliated
  • NOT connected
  • NOT associated

with any other “network company” with a similar name located in Florida selling closeouts.


This Florida “trading company” is 100% owned by different people. Our company “AAA CLOSEOUT LIQUIDATORS” has NO financial or business relationship with this Florida trading company.


In addition, another company with a similar name is located in North Bergen, N.J. and also have no association or connections to our company.


We are the original and “AAA CLOSEOUT LIQUIDATORS” only with world headquarters in New York and have no branch locations in Florida or in New Jersey.


Since 1979, we have distributed some of our closeouts through fine and capable brokers. Some even copied our products and selling the same closeouts as us.

Due to our excellent reputation and terrific low prices, a broker is selling on the INTERNET with a “similar sounding name”.
However, why pay more buying from brokers? Why would you want to buy from inexperienced sellers (with fancy websites) that are just learning the business at your expense? We have the exclusive suppliers and most importantly, the experience to get you the very best deal.



Why settle for petty cash profits?

Take advantage of this opportunity to make some serious money with heavy advertised name-brand merchandise, which sells in major Department stores. Because of our experience and size, we are able to make each client seem like they are the most important client in the world. Our commitment to client service and integrity truly separates us from most other wholesale liquidators and Overstock Buyers. Please contact us today!


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The trusted liquidator of closeouts, customer returns, salvage & surplus liquidations since 1979.

Closeout Buyers

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Expect to Save 50% – 90% off Wholesale!!!