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We buy grocery closeouts and also sell to Grocery closeout buyers,  food liquidators in the USA and Canada.


Banana boxes of groceries are back!!!

GroceriesGroceries are a major seller, as consumers buy food on a regular basis. All large supermarket and grocery stores have only have a very small markup on food. Therefore, you can effectively compete with them and make excellent profit by buying banana boxes full of groceries from us,at way below wholesale prices. Banana boxes will include dented cans, boxed goods with crushed corners, close to or slightly past expiration date, label changes, overstock and shelf pulls of BRAND NEW MERCHANDISE. The large majority of grocery items in a banana box are salable. A small percentage will be throw-away.

The amount per box varies. A banana box may consist of 6 or 7 cereal boxes or 40-50 cans or 300 candy bars or any combination. The large supermarket chains must keep their operations clean and current to attract customers. There will always be a lot of merchandise value in each banana box.

The price per banana box is only $16.00 each when you buy 1248 boxes .This would be 52 pallets and will be a full 53′ trailer load. Most customers buy this way to save on shipping cost by maximizing the quantity of merchandise per load.(Your cost is 1248 x $16.00=$19,968. (plus shipping).

If you prefer to buy a smaller load of 26 pallets of banana box groceries, your cost is only 624 boxes x $17.00 per banana box=$10,608. (plus shipping).Experienced customers buy 1248 boxes for greater savings.

100% First quality in date grocery products: 25,000 groceries in original factory cases at


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Groceries cans

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Food for survival

Be a smart food closeout buyer, Order bulk food to store for survival needs in case of emergency.Hurricane, tornado, terrorist attacks, nuclear disaster, Contagious Diseases… Stock up on food supplies while it is readily available.Take advantage of the EZ one-stop shopping from this website.

Receive a FREE e-book (336 pages) “The comprehensive survival and preparedness manual” with your food order. Excellent opportunity for community organizations, churches, cities, and families.

  • Having food, water, shelter and a plan will cover 90 percent of your needs.
  • The important thing is that you start preparing today. Prepare before the emergency, not once it is here. Not only will this give you the best chance of survival, it will be cheaper and easier.




You should have sufficient food in storage to survive if the economy suffers or disaster occurs and food is not available at your local grocery or supermarket. Please do not put this off until its too late! Be a smart “food closeout buyer”,  act now! We can ship bulk foods, canned goods, long shelf life grains to your family, community center or church for below wholesale cost.

Some “food closeout buyers” have found after doing comparison shopping research that our prices are even lower than COSTC* and SAM* CLUB WHOLESALE PRICES !!

Our prices are incredibly low…
This is a result of our grocery wholesale network having massive buying power. We ship fast from coast to coast and are able to increase your profits. Get more, pay less!!

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We also buy Food Closeouts.
The following is a quote from one of our food closeout buyers

“We received the grocery shipment yesterday.It looks very nice and clean. My partner and I are very happy to do business with your company. In the future, we will look in your website again for our next grocery purchase and of course, we’ll recommend your business to our friends”
Thank you!

– Elena R.

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