Food Closeouts

We buy and sell Food closeouts &  grocery liquidations…

We buy all proteins – chicken, beef, and pork, preferably frozen, in large lots/truckload quantities. We buy seconds, store canceled orders, surplus, salvage,  manufacturer overruns, off-spec, and miss-cuts. Products we purchase might be first quality/run as part of a “package/labeling” change or “spec revision and close-dated food and groceries.

We buy water – still, flat, fizz, energy drinks, and soda by the trailer load. We buy canned goods, packaged food closeouts, and any type of food found in large supermarket chains, like Kroger, Walmart, Costco, Albertsons, and Stop and Shop.

We are food buyers. We are not food brokers, food diverters, or traders. We make rapid purchasing decisions and then quietly move merchandise to low-profile secondary locations outside of your trading area.

We ship to food banks and institutions and secondary markets.

We also sell banana box groceries and off-price groceries by the truckload.

We sell Food for survival

Order bulk food to store for survival needs in case of emergency.Hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks, nuclear disasters, Contagious Diseases… Stock up on food supplies while it is readily available..Take advantage of the EZ one-stop shopping from this website.

Receive a FREE e-book (336 pages) “The comprehensive survival and preparedness manual” with your food order. Excellent opportunity for community organizations, churches, cities, and families.

  • Having food, water, shelter, and a plan will cover 90 percent of your needs.
  • The important thing is that you start preparing today. Prepare before the emergency, not once it is here. Not only will this give you the best chance for survival, but it will also be cheaper and easier.

The terrorist threat


We know that these extremists hate America and what we stand for. They hate our freedom, our individual rights, our wealth, and our opportunity. They hate our religion, and they hate our values and our culture. They hate not only our president but our form of government and our democratic way of life. And they hate the military progress and success we have made in Afghanistan and Iraq. They fear us and our might and know that we seek to destroy them before they can destroy us.

We know that many of them have been trained in camps, trained to build and set explosives, trained in guerrilla warfare, and trained in how to create car bombs and dirty bombs. We know they have a burning desire to use this training, to attack Americans and Europeans, and even those who believe in a gentler form of Islam. We know they will gladly die in the process of delivering an attack that succeeds in killing Americans or people who cooperate with the United States.

And because we know this, we know that they will strike again. We expect it. Many people are surprised it hasn’t happened within the Continental United States since 9/11/01. But now it looks like we are closer to an attack on U.S. targets than we have been for more than six years.

But what we don’t know is how and when the attack will take place. We don’t know how many cells of terrorists are quietly waiting and planning one or more attacks. We don’t know if they have biological weapons like Anthrax or chemical weapons like nerve gas. We don’t know if they have plans to attack a chemical facility that could release phosgene, hydrogen cyanide or another deadly chemical into the air. We don’t know if they will attack a rail yard or a water purification plant, releasing a cloud of poisonous chlorine gas into a nearby neighborhood. We don’t know if they have conventional weapons, or if they will target an important bridge or dam, blowing it up with a truckload of fertilizer and diesel fuel.

It is just a matter of time. Each and every American citizen needs to be prepared, both mentally, emotionally and physically, for another 9/11, or for a far worse scenario such as a nuclear attack on Washington, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta or Chicago. You should be ready and able to gather your family together if they strike again. You should have food and water for several weeks or even months should our water supply be poisoned or transportation disrupted. You should have the means to defend yourself if civil unrest develops.

You should have sufficient food in storage to survive if the economy suffers or disaster occurs and food is not available at your local grocery or supermarket. Please do not put this off till it’s too late! Act now! We can ship bulk foods, canned goods, and long-shelf-life grains to your family, community center, or church for below wholesale cost.

Some customers have told us, after doing comparison shopping research that our prices are even lower than COSTC* and SAM* CLUB WHOLESALE PRICES !!

Our prices are incredibly low…

This is a result of our grocery wholesale network having massive buying power. We ship fast from coast to coast and are able to increase your profits. Get more, pay less!!

"We received the grocery shipment yesterday.It looks very nice and clean. My partner and I are very happy to do business with your company. In the future, we will look in your website again for our next grocery purchase and of course, we'll recommend your business to our friends"
Thank you!

- Elena R.

Closeout Buyers

(Closeouts, Overstock, Surplus, Salvage, Liquidators)

Expect to Save 50% – 90% off Wholesale!!!