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We want to buy Building Supply Closeouts & Appliance closeouts

We buy building supply closeouts, surplus, overstock, surplus, seconds, and discontinued home improvement products from manufacturers, Importers, building supplies distributors and home centers. We buy closeout tools, appliance closeouts, plumbing overstock, closeout sinks, closeout doors, closeout kitchen cabinets, and hardware liquidations.

  • Doors closeouts-Interior Oak and Pine liquidations.
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinets closeouts.
  • Ceramic, Marble & Granite.
  • Faucets – Kitchen and Bath liquidation
  • Retaining walls overstock
  • Toilets and Pedestal Sinks closeouts.
  • Shower Doors closeouts.
  • Vinyl Railing salvage.
  • Marble tile overstock
  • Doors overstock – Exterior Ash, Fir, Mahogany, and Oak.
  • Flooring surplus overstock- Wood, Vinyl liquidations
  • Laminate Flooring overstock.
  • Pavers liquidation
  • Stepping stones surplus liquidations
  • Sinks – Kitchen and Bath closeouts.
  • Vinyl Fencing closeouts.
  • Vinyl Post Cladding surplus.
  • Building supplies insurance salvage

We buy closeout tools, we buy appliance closeouts, and we also buy plumbing overstock, closeout sinks, closeout doors, closeout kitchen cabinets, and hardware liquidations.

Our customers for closeout tools, appliance closeouts, plumbing overstock, closeout sinks, closeout doors, closeout kitchen cabinets, and hardware liquidations include Lumber Yards, retailers, auctioneers, Exporters, Home Improvement Centers, Plumbing Supply Companies, Developers, Builders and Contractors. Save big money… buy from us, by the trailer-load at low liquidation prices…You will be glad you did!


Building supply factory liquidation deals

  • Hardwood Flooring closeouts#3 utility T&G unfinished, multiple T/L’s, this has knots and mineral, red and white oak. .59 sq. ft.
  • Shingles closeouts#2, downfall, off shade, tar strip to low or high, over or under saturated, unwrapped. $13-$18 sq.
  • Ceramic Tile closeouts#2 , downfall, off shade, chipped, discontinued, over stock. 69 sq. ft.
  • Laminate Flooring closeouts#1 and #2 imported from China, or seconds from Shaw or other manufacturer .69 sq. ft.
  • Doors closeouts#2 Factory direct from major supplier, dings, scratches, dents, good sizes, slabs. $6.50 each
  • Felt closeouts (roofing)#2 over saturated, under saturated, short rolls, long rolls, etc. $5.99 roll
  • Paint-White and Color (latex)White only $3.50 per gallon in 250 gallon totes and $4.50 in 5 gallon pails. Assorted colors at $2.50 per gallon in 250 gallon totes and 3.50 in five gallon pails.
  • Carpet closeouts#1,#2, rugs, customer returns, over runs, discontinued, short rolls, residential, $6-9 per yd
  • VCT#1 tag ends, over stock, over runs. $15 per box
  • Insulation closeouts#2 thick or thin, some missing face, mixed R-factor, Sells #1 for 55.00 roll $25.00 roll
  • Composite Deck closeouts#1 All new material, ready to ship, comes with manifest, 25% of wholesale Canada, $.69 lin. Ft./ $.95 lin. Ft.


We sell the following buiding supplies closeouts on a regular basis in trailer load quantities: (Prices will be substantially reduced for multiple trailerload orders.)

Laminate Flooring closeouts, 8.3 mm, easy lock system, 1st quality, for the 1st quarter of the year I have 100 T/L’s available @ .69 sq. ft.


Ceramic Tile, porcelain closeouts, 8 colors, 1st quality, new in box. Ongoing supply. $.69 sq.ft.


Windows closeouts, all first quality and some buy backs, various prices, 3’x5′, excellent product $79.63 ea.


Steel entrance doors closeouts -6,4 and flush panel doors, factory seconds, 30.00 each, some fiberglass.


T-1-11 plywood siding liquidation, shop and rejects, factory direct, IP stock, $360.00 msf. Fob Alabama Composite Decking closeout liquidation, 5/4″x6″x8′,12′,16′, all good colors, FOB GA & Canada, $.69 lin. Ft./ $.95 lin. Ft.


OSB, non cert, rejects, etc. LP, Weyerhauser, IP, GP stock. $215.00 – 435.00 msf Interior doors liquidation, #1 quality, Jeld-Wen stock, $7.00 ea.


Appliances, Refrigerators, Full central heating and a/c units below wholesale cost. 21’cu ft. white ref., $295.00


Pre-finished Hardwood flooring closeouts in both maple and rustic oak only $2.25 per s.f. by the trailerload (14,560 sf & 16,560 sf per load).Your choice of widths at no extra cost. FOB:Canada.


Also closeout liquidations of granite, cultured marble tubs, showers, tubs, marble, paneling, cabinets, brick, paint, stain, insulation, drywall, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, as well as all types of building and construction supplies. Please e-mail us with your specific needs and quantity requirements for a fast response.


Door liquidation blow out

We have 960 units of MDF ( medium density fiber) engineered wood , B grade, interior doors, shipped ex works: South USA

They all have a white primer on the outer skin of the MDF door . B grade doors as a rule may have bore holes and hinge cuts expertly cut to USA standards. These are prepared for lock-sets and hinges. No extra charge…Only $6.95 each.

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