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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

AAA Closeout Liquidators is your reliable source for PPE

During the current Covid pandemic, we are buying and selling 3 ply masks, N95, KN95 masks as well as Nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves,  testing kits, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and other PPE supplies. We sell to hospitals in the USA and also export to overseas buyers. We are a safe and reliable source for all PPE Covid prevention products.

COVID-19 is a respiratory condition caused by coronavirus. Some people are infected but don’t notice any symptoms. Some will have severe problems, such as trouble breathing. The odds of more serious symptoms are higher if you’re older or have another health condition like diabetes or heart disease.

General Merchandise

Treasure hunt


(Closeouts, Liquidations, Overstock buyers, bankruptcy, Surplus, Trucking company Claims & Insurance salvage in the USA and Canada)


T*R**T department store only $349.00 per pallet!

VERY DESIRABLE* FAST SELLING consumer merchandise from this department store “powerhouse” chain that is taking the country by storm. As is merchandise customer returns include brand name consumer electronics, toys, housewares, tools, pots &pans, baby products, hardware, sporting goods, gifts, famous brand clothing, and athletic footwear. Includes many new merchandise. .EXCELLENT DEAL .BIG MONEY MAKER…LOTS OF MECHANDISE TO SELL.


CONSIST OF ; Etoys, Tonka, Star Wars, Fisher price, Sesame Street, Robo chi, Music blocks, Ohio Art, Grayco, Rawlings, Sportcraft, Evenflo, womens’ shoes (Perry Ellis), Bobano Cases, Nu Tone light kits ceiling fans, Aromatic candles, World Bazaars, Whisker baskets, Warehouse supplies; shrink wrap, carton boxes, cleaning supplies, school and office supplies; cabinets, crayons, markers, journal pads, kitchen supplies,luggage,domestics, Cookware, computer software, bag packs, ornaments, picture frames, glass bases, tools, automotive goods, baby goods and much more.


Our customers tell us that this one is a “slam dunk” winner. Fully loaded,Don’t delay,order today! MAKE BIG PROFITS WITH THIS LOAD! NOBODY BEATS US ON PRICE AND SERVICE. SAVE FREIGHT AND SHIPPING.


Buy from us and save!!! 25 pallets to a 53′ trailer.Only $349. per pallet or $8,725. per 53′ trailer load. Our loads are 100% shipped direct from the T**t distribution center ..Excellent deal.


KM store trailerload-ONLY $289.00 PER PALLET & get one pallet FREE OF CHARGE Pallets will consist of returns, overstock clearance,shelf pulls, This is closeout buyers favorite national brand tegory…hardgoods,tools,housewares,baby,toys,home decor,toys,electronics,kitchen tools, pots & pans, sporting goods,etc. We have 300 pallets per week from this desirable store chain.


We can ship to you from NV,IL,PA,NC,TN or GA to save you freight costs. SAVE ON SHIPPING COSTS….Minimum is 48 pallets. Your cost is only $289/pallet and get one Pallet FREE OF CHARGE!!!. Hurry… this category goes very fast. Order today.


Famous mail order catalog- merchandise. full 53 load.only $114. per skid ! wow

We have a 53′ trailerload with 48 pallets of new and customer returns + special top loaded for a really great assortment.This catalog is one of America’s premier direct mail and Internet marketers, shops the world to provide the best merchandise to their consumers at tremendous value prices–from housewares and gifts, to toys and apparel.Big variety and lots of merchandise for your money ,only $5,495.00.This company offers thousands of exceptional and unique products showcased each year in dozens of special gift catalogs. Every catalog is filled with a terrific selection of housewares, giftware, family apparel, toys, collectibles, electronics and much more .This is a clear out favorite of discount stores and salvage dealers. Minimum is 48 pallets @114PALLET =$5,495.00


Fob: MID USA price: 5,495.00 FOR 48 PALLETS


249.LOTS STORES*only $249.00 per pallet


Great value, hUGE pallets
Very nice mixed general merchandise loads

May consist of Tools, Dvd players, VCR’s, computer accessories, dish sets, pot and pans, glassware, toaster ovens, bread boxes, crock pots, blenders, skillets, bake ware, processors, coffee makers, microwaves, waffle makers, benches, hammocks, badminton, antennas, tool boxes, seat covers, vacuum, aquariums, garden carts, wheel barrels, walkman’s, lighting, TV’s, clocks, video racks, jewerly, wallets, purses, cages, sleeping bags, tents, screen house, horse shoe games, weight benches, swing sets, books, toys, dolls, remote cars and trucks, golf equipment and accessories, hub caps, race tracks, Barbie toys, ceiling fans, speakers, shelving, office and school suppplies, video games, grills, popcorn popper’s, stereos, big wheels, picnic tables, laundry baskets, saws, Houseware, homeware, electronics, dvd’s, toys, stereos, vcr’s, appliances, tools, lawn and garden, furniture, printers, scanners, cameras, car seats, strollers, rockers, desks, hammocks, toaster ovens, office and school supplies, ceiling fans, rocking chair glidders, tents, screen house, coolers, entertainment center, dog house, swing sets, grills, big wheels, bicycles, benches, food processors, microwaves, aquariums, video racks, footballs, golf equipment, garden carts, educational toys, heaters, answering machines, tool boxes, karaoke machine, roller blades, ski machines, dolls, wagons, waffle makers, dish sets, pot and pans, glassware, crock pots, blenders, board games and much more, as is customer returns.Minimum is 24 pallets.Only $5,976. per 53′ trailerload.FOB:OH


Amway Returns – small appliances, housewares, electronics – Very Clean
Product returns from Amway. Very nice high end product. Most in original packaging and many units still sealed new in box. Lots of electronics, housewares, small kitchen appliances, camping, luggage, etc. Great merchandise. Perfect for ebay, flea markets, stores. Amway caters to upper middle class customers. A lot of this product is returned due to minimum monthly spending requirements for their customers who purchase it just to meet their product quotas for the month, then they refuse the package or send it back unopened. Trailer load of 24 pallets for $7499.


JCP Homeware Clean Load with large majority of items in original packaging & includes many high ticket items usually includes: home accessories, electronic gadgets, blankets & blanket warmers, premium gift items, decorative items, knife sets etc.Your cost is only 28% of Wholesale Value


merchandise liquidators

C*STC* The cleanest general merchandise load. Large majority of items in box, clean and working. Major national wholesale club returns mix includes food, electronics, clothing, and general merchandise. Various sized loads. Very clean goods. Sold at 35% of retail, FREE SHIPPING to your store.


KHLS Department store returns: Consisting of clothing, shoes, hardlines, and all other products. Sold for export only. Hardlines are sold at 21% of cost, domestics are sold at 23% of cost, shoes at 25% of cost, and clothing at 19% of cost. FOB Findlay, Ohio.


TV shopping network liquidation

Build your own trailerload.very clean loads now,you will chose the categories!!! plus free recommendations from our expert buyer feedback!!! manifests available to serious buyers upon request.


Hardgoods – your cost is only 34% of wholesale cost!!! tools,housewares,…very desirable category


Collectibles – your cost is only 49% of wholesale cost !!!


Accessories – your cost is only 24% of wholesale cost!!!


Apparel – reg size – your cost only 29% of wholesale cost.


Apparel – plus size – your cost only 39% of wholesale cost !!!!


Shoes – famous brands–your cost 39% of wholesale cost !!!


Housewares – your cost 39% of wholesale cost !!!


Linens – your cost 49% of wholesale cost!!!


Electronics – your cost 49% of wholesale cost!!!


Minimum is 10 pallets. Consists of customer returns and overstock inventory.very clean,you too can make big money!!! grow rich ,retire wealthy !!!


As seen on tv merchandise from famous p.c.h. -lots of new merchandise . As low as $281.00 per gaylord

Assorted desirable merchandise. We sell these as 24 or 48 gaylords .Tons of merchandise in each gaylord. A lot of it is brand new never been opened ,very very clean goods.Will also include some returns. Huge assortments in each gaylord. Some items you will see are : mantle clocks, coleman flashlights, cd’s, cassettes, toys, towels, knife sets,cookware,bowl sets,air purifiers,jewelry ,massagers, electric razors, air pumps, hand held vacuums ,candles, piggy banks, crystal vases, candlesticks ,collectibles ,jewelry boxes,tool sets,die cast model cars, plus much much more.


Price is only 7,500.00 for 24 or 13,500.00 for 48 gaylords. This one is a winner. make big money $$$$$$$$$ fob: MN



New carpet liquidation

Tcommercial carpet -level loops- brand new.only$1.99/yd we have 20,000 yds of commercial carpet level goods drops, 2nds, discontinued. factory fresh . Regular distributor price- 2.49-6.99. these are short rolls 12′-60’long. width is 12′. about 10,000, yards to a trailer. We also have 20,0000 yards of full rolls 100′-200′ your cost 2.49/yd.your choice. high qualitycarpets. We also have new saxonys(plush)residential you cost @2.75/yd for short rolls and $3.25/yd for full rolls, (weight ranges from 80oz.with an average of 50oz.) distributor price up to $19.00/yd.and new berbers residential carpet@2.75/yd for short rolls and $3.50/full rolls, distributor price up to $12.99/yd. new needle punch indoor-outdor only 1.50/yd,marine back grass short rolls $1.50/yd.,action back grass short rolls $2.00/yd.full rolls-heavy$2.50/yd,pads-sponge cushions@1.25/yd. Can mix a trailerload toyour needs. Excellent deal!!!!!!!fob: ga – – price: as low as $1.99/yd



Brand new books -paperback-only 0.69 cents ea. hardcover -only 0.99 cents each


Treasure chest deals!

Bargain Trailer : 20 pallets F.O.B. Tennessee

Mixed general merchandise from KM,TAR,BL.This is a huge assortment of merchandise to give you the best variety from several large discount chains .May consist of … toys, tv’s, vcr’s, cameras, computer related, tools, furniture, cookware, MP3 players, dvd’s, videos, cd’s, heaters, phones, cellular accessories, sporting goods, camping, stoves, g.forman grills, appliances, lamps, ceiling fans, x-box players, playstation games, baby items, automotive, home decor, dishes, bakeware, printers, scanners, digital cameras and more… Your Cost $5,900.


Small Appliance load ( RTV ) F.O.B. Houston, TX

26 pallets, coffee makers, blenders, mixers, waffle makers, compact bread makers, toaster and toaster ovens,OLSTER,PROCTOR SILEX, Sunbeam, MR coffee, and much more.Very desirable assortment of useful small appliances.
Your cost only $9,995.


Cookware Load FOB : Ohio

26 NEW pallets, Huge pallets of factory damaged packaging, brand names, sets and singles….This is a very popular load great value!! Mirro and Wearever Your Cost $13,895. .This is the best deal as you save on freight with a full trailerload of merchandise. Half Truckloads available – 13 pallets – $ 6,995.


Being a wholesale liquidators: we had great selections for all kind of goods.


We specialize in Automotive, hardware ,houseware, tools , below wholesale ,cheap buybacks, closeouts, liftouts, obsolete, liquidation, overruns ,buybacks, closeouts, liftouts, obsolete, liquidation, overruns



The trusted liquidator of closeouts, customer returns, salvage & surplus liquidations since 1979.

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