Secrets of How To Make BIG Money Selling on eBay and Amazon?



Money making is art nowadays. If you have the right skill, talent, oomph and marketing capability, there isn’t a reason to keep you from making fast money. To tell you the truth many a man is not worthy of earning millions of dollars but they are doing so and it is because of the fact that they have perfected and mastered the art of delivering what people want. In the early days making money was not an easy task to achieve because of the monopoly of a few heterogeneous brands. The world has since changed when the internet made its way into our lives and disrupted the regular course of living. E-Commerce became a norm through which businesses started doing business. But in times where there is an oligopoly of brands, homogeneity of products, and fierce competition, earning money even on eBay and Amazon is not a child’s play. But hold your breaths because you are only a few moments away from learning the secret of making fast cash on eBay and Amazon. Let us now look at how eBay and Amazon would prove to be useful in making fast cash and how do you do it even as a starter,


Pictures: the use of pictures to sell yourself is key deciding factor as to how you would and when you be making money. Make sure that you use pictures which are original, high in content and quality wise up to the mark. They must not be blurry or plagiarized to give your customers a shock or fraud. Quality is followed by quantity so when you market your merchandize or brand quantity of pictures must be sufficient to provide enough detail of your brand or lure your customers into buying your things away.


Completeness: is a strategic agenda which leads to nowhere but success and money making. While you describe to the public what you are offering you need to be vigilante about your completion of description and information that you provide. Completeness should not just be in the detail of the product but in marketing your message to people. Do not confuse your customer with some malicious information, false note and wrong message because offending is the last thing that you want to do in pursuit of money.


Time: it is next to most important and without it you will not be able to learn how the world works. As it is said, if you do not respect time you would be left behind in the walk of life, similarly time plays a big character in deciding your monetary future on the globe. Look out at the times where most visitors visit your offering and the times that are supposedly the busiest in terms of business. When you rack these times you would be able to generate heaps of cash by using EBay and Amazon.


Research: this tool alone is so powerful to generate the right amount of revenue and sales that you do not want to let go of it. Research means you see the trends of who customers want, want they want, why they want and when they want. If you unlock the secret to your customer’s heart, then you my friend have mastered the art of money making. Research is all you need to do it. It could be tiring, long and costly but believe you me the end results are worth waiting and worth spending for.


You must have seen a number of movies on marketing executives and see how they sell smallest and most trivial of things to people even if that incorporates fooling them. Not that I am encouraging fooling your customer but the gist is you want to lure your customer into a temptation. Your tone of deliverance on these platforms of EBay and Amazon must be so catchy and clear that people are themselves drawn towards you. Your way of conducting your business and placing an offer should be humble, smart yet simple to attract your audience towards you. If only you have this you are a step away from playing in those heaps of dollars.


Have you ever heard about pitching a product? If not then you are in for a treat, because pitching is simple and simple. Pitching involves you telling your target audience of your offer. While you pitch your idea, offer or your product on Amazon and EBay make sure you are excited about it and you are yourself clear about it. When you have these qualities and express them in your description, there is not a force in earth that would keep you from making money.

Bargain hunters look on eBay and Amazon and on liquidation websites for items that they can make a profit selling inventory on. The following are target customers for your wholesale merchandise, toy closeouts and overstock clearance:


– Inventory liquidators, warehouse liquidators, merchandize liquidators, wholesale liquidators, furniture liquidators, overstock clearance, and best buy liquidation and sometimes surplus liquidators. So try to give these closeout liquidators and merchandise liquidator deals which have value and are irresistible.


These are simple yet tactical steps that every excess inventory buyer, overstock buyers, closeout buyer and wholesale buyer, can take to ensure that you will earn large quantity of sales and revenues on the internet.

Closeout Buyers

(Closeouts, Overstock, Surplus, Salvage, Liquidators)

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