Office Supplies Liquidations

Item Name: Office Supplies


Office Supplies may include but limited to: plastic forks, plastic spoons, water cups, napkins, towels, bandages, paper, envelopes, labels, binders, soap, dust mop, sponge, pinesol cleaner, softsoap hand gel, gloves, light bulbs, facial tissue, coat tree, pens, cassette tapes, batteries, cash box, scissors, hole punch, tape, markers, organizers, calculators, copy holder, wall clock, desk stapler, folders, retractable knife, pencil sharpener, computer disks, coin rolls, Pens, Paper, files, organizers, fax machine, binders, sharpeners, wastebaskets, phone, copy machine, planners, calculators ,envelopes. Desk pads, pencils and much more.

Consist of major manufacturers. (similar to merchandise you would find in Saples or Office max store) Retail value ranges from:$75,000.00 to $128,080. Your cost only 10% Of retail. These are dealer returns due to carton/merchandise damage,scratch & Dent – Damaged Packaging – Misplaced Inventory, Error in shipping, discontinued or surplus. Excellent price. Great for retail and export.

We have two trailerloads of office supplies per month. fob MA & IL

Unit: Trailer

Price: Only 10% of retail

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