How can you protect yourself from being cheated when importing from Communist China?

Over the years, China has successfully become the hub of wholesale liquidation and closeout liquidation. Despite being known as the white elephant of consumer electronics, production, and support, there are chances of you being cheated by communist China when importing.


Now you must be thinking, how can we avoid being cheated? Well, let me tell you that whether you among the merchandise liquidators or you are a wholesale liquidator, the below-mentioned points will help you avoid being cheated when importing from communist China.


1. Never send any money to a Bank account outside China.

Here’s the thing, no Chinese company will ever ask you to make a payment to a bank outside China. If they do so, then they must be going to scam you with counterfeit products. You can avoid it by paying through PayPal, confirming that the supplier you are buying from is currently located in China. If a supplier has intentions to cheat you, they would probably ask you to pay through Western Union outside China.


2. Always do a pre-shipment inspection.

Another way a Chinese supplier may cheat you is by shipping your containers full of rocks. Sound scary, right? Let’s discuss how it goes. The supplier asks you for a 30% payment in advance and 70% after the shipment. You will get a bill of lading with the container’s approximate weight as well, but only after paying the supplier will you realize that all you received was a container full of rocks. Being scammed will hurt your closeout sales and prevent you from having available capital to buy more inventory.


We hope that these tips will help in preventing you from being cheating when importing from communist China. Please click here and submit your closeouts and overstock inventory offers to AAA Closeout Liquidators for the highest prices.

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