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Grocery closeouts

 We have been buying grocery closeouts from manufacturers and importers since 1979. Our suppliers consider us a one-stop food liquidator. We purchase all types of closeout snacks, frozen food closeouts, liquidation beverages, and numerous grocery items.
We buy everything that is sold at a well-stocked supermarket chain including paper goods.
AAA Closeout Liquidators is the solution for closeouts of your excess food and beverage problems.  We are a closeout buyer that helps companies maximize the value of short-dated grocery inventory.  As a specialty food liquidator, we buy inventory and move it through alternative channels at lightning speed. We safeguard your brand name and are careful to sell to only secondary outlets in the USA and overseas. Our philosophy is that you are more important to us than any specific deal and will protect your hard-earned brand name.
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Pick and choose from over 25,000 Grocery items! Please click on the picture to see the inventory manifest



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We have First quality food closeouts from over 700 manufacturers. Choose from over 25,000 grocery and food items.


All our groceries on our 25,000 item spreadsheet below are first quality products and are in date and do not include banana boxed groceries….100% in original manufacturers factory cases.


Our extensive inventory includes frozen food, meats, cereal, canned goods, dairy, paper goods, bakery, food ingredients plus much more. Excellent for Retail stores, salvage grocery stores, food service, drug stores, vending, supermarkets, catering companies, schools, export, food banks and convenience stores.


Name brands food closeouts include

  • Frenchs
  • Anchor Hocking
  • Barilla Pasta
  • Campbells Foods
  • Dole
  • Bounty
  • Pfizer Health
  • Mccormick Spices
  • Pampers etc
  • General Mills
  • Armour Meats
  • Birds Eye Foods
  • Conagra
  • Heinz
  • Hormel
  • Land O Lake
  • Kraft
  • DIAL
  • Kellogs
  • B & G Foods
  • Butterball Turkey
  • Clorox
  • Folgers
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Wrigley Gum
  • Charmin

Please feel free to choose the desirable name brand advertised items that your customers want to buy. Please open the spreadsheet below for complete details. Kindly e-mail us the list of the groceries that you want in your shipment (please include the quantity of cases of each and the AAA #s and price listed).


No restrictions for USA retail stores or flea market sales. The minimum order is $10,000. Make big money with first quality food at low closeout prices…. We can also fill a 20′ or 40′ container for export and ship to your overseas port.

Food closeouts for less!

Please click here to see our complete inventory of over 25,000 first quality food and grocery items and below wholesale prices! Manifest

Pictures of individual grocery items

To see pictures or more details of any of the items from our spreadsheet, please go to the individual manufacturer’s website (Manufacturer’s name is listed next to each grocery item). Then enter the description from our spreadsheet into their search engine.


Please send us your specific order by copying the items that you want from the spreadsheet below and pasting it into a new excel spreadsheet and sending it to us.You will receive exactly the products that you ordered.


If you can not open the above spreadsheet or you do not have excel software on your computer then please click here to download a free trial of Excel software.

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Food and grocery closeouts are an excellent category to sell. Food is a fast turn over and great demand product.


Due to the 2015 slow economy, high consumer credit debt and high gasoline prices, families need to save on expenses…

“Everyone has to eat”

Food and groceries have big profit potential. Large supermarket chains have a very small markup on food. Therefore, you can effectively compete with them on food. Buy our name brand groceries below wholesale price and easily sell below your neighborhood grocery store’s prices!


Our groceries will not include dented cans, No boxed goods with crushed corners, No close to or slightly past expiration date.


Guaranteed one hundred percent (100%) of our groceries are in date and first quality.


Please click here to see our complete inventory of over 25,000 first quality food and grocery items and below wholesale prices! Manifest

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