Everything you should know about the China Import and Export Fair/Canton Fair and didn’t know who to ask?

Canton fair is considered a major source for product procurement among entrepreneurs. The Canton fair showcase the most comprehensive variety of products. People from all around the world come to visit this Canton fair. Well, there might be some questions you must be thinking about but don’t know who to ask. This article will go through some facts that you should know about the China import and export fair, also known as the Canton Fair.


1.     Excess inventory buyers

In the Canton Fair, you get a chance to buy and sell excess inventory, as there are many excess inventory buyers available there to meet and trade with. You’ll be able to offer your closeout liquidation merchandise at a competitive price and then sell your excess inventory for an attractive profit. If you are lucky and a good salesman, you could just buy a sample from a Canton fair vendor and offer it to other closeout buyers who have closeout stores and actually sell the liquidation pallets before buying the liquidation surplus from the Chinese vendor. Another way is to sell the closeout inventory with very little risk is “liquidation online” with Amazon or eBay, by taking a picture of the sample and only buying the liquidation wholesale surplus after the orders start coming in.


One good thing about selling excess inventory in the Canton fair is its convenience and large quantity of potential customers. Without any difficulty you will be able to offer and sell your excess inventory to a large customer base.


Closeout stores

In the Canton fair, various closeout stores offer a variety of electronic consumer goods and closeout appliances. The advantage of these closeout stores is its great convenience of a large numbers of closeout stores located in one location. Many closeout buyers come here to purchase the latest and hottest products and take advantage of the latest market trends.


2.     Liquidation surplus

Many auctions are also held in the Canton fair for surplus electronic products. You can buy highly sought after and in-demand items in these auctions at an attractive low price. You must do market research before coming to the Canton fair.…Always make sure that you are purchasing desirable products that are in demand in your local market to closeout buyers who want to purchase liquidation auctions near me or merchandise pallets near me.


We hope this article helped you with the facts you should know about China import and export fair, also known as canton fair. Please click here and submit your closeouts and overstock inventory offers to AAA Closeout Liquidators for the highest prices.

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