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36 Yrs Experience - Since 1979
Well Rated By D&B
(Credibility, Integrity & Reliability)
Closeouts Wanted for Cash
We Buy Closeouts and Liquidations for Cash
It is very easy to place a order with AAA Closeout Liquidators
  1. Simply fill out our EASY to ORDER FORM by clicking here.
  2. Please include your ship to address, office, store and cell phone numbers and the merchandise you would like to purchase. (Minimum order is $7,500.) We will calculate your shipping charge based on where we are shipping to and the weight of your order.
  3. We will send you an invoice within 24 business hours.
  4. Once you receive our invoice with shipping cost, please send payment to us. Our preferred payment method is bank wire.This is the easiest and safest method of sending payment. With a bank wire there is a 100% paper trail and you will receive a Fed wire number from your bank, as proof of the wire being sent.Kindly e -mail us this Fed reference number so we can expedite your shipment..We also accept Cashiers Checks
  5. If you want to pay with a credit card…. You can simply take that card to the financial institution where the account is located and have them do a “cash advance” and use that money to send us a bank wire. If you send us the “cash advance” paperwork, we will even credit you the $20.00 for the bank wire charges.
  6. As soon as we have receive your payment, we will expedite your order.
  7. When you submit your order, you agree to our “terms of sale” and “terms of use“.
Shipping and Handling

We have shipments going out on a regular basis. We make every attempt to ship your order as soon as possible. Most orders go out within 72 hours after payment is received. Occasionally your order may take seven business days for complicated orders for our warehouse to process. Our freight brokerage division offers expert shipping service to our customers. Being that we ship large volume of trailers, our freight shipping rates will be very low. If we arrange shipping in behalf of a customer than customer is responsible to unload trailer within two hours. If unloading takes longer than customer is responsible to pay detention charges to the freight company of $75.00 per hour for the extra time.

We will quote your shipping charges based on the estimated weight of your shipment and where it is shipping to.

We arrange shipping as a convenience for our customers. However, the purchaser is responsible for transportation costs from the distribution center(s) and/or warehouse(s).All claims and/or shortages must be submitted directly to the freight carrier within five days. All merchandise is shipped F.O.B. Shipping Point. All freight is collect. Any Loss or Shortages must be indicated on the carrier’s BOL and YOU must file a claim with the freight carrier. Please keep in mind, we only set up shipping as a courtesy to you and all claims must be directed to the freight carrier.

Return Policy

All sales are FINAL. All products are sold as is, no returns, no exchanges. We do our best to describe the products you will be receiving but, since most of our merchandise consists of assortments, every shipment varies. Due to the nature of the liquidation, surplus and general closeout business, all sales are ‘As Is’ and final, with no warranties or representations expressed or implied. The goods may be defective, damaged or used. We cannot take returns or accept exchanges or issue credits. We sell merchandise to our customers at a deep discount price. Therefore, we cannot economically process any returns or issue credits. It is hereby clearly stated that the Seller makes no warranties or representations to the buyer regarding the quality or condition of the merchandise being offered and sold. All due diligence is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Once an order is submitted to us it may not be cancelled. Upon submitting of your order on our website, the buyer fully acknowledges, understands and accepts this Disclaimer.

International Shipping

We work with expert freight forwarders to transport all International orders. Goods are shipped to the import port of your choice. Please be aware that you are responsible for all shipping costs, insurance, risks of loss, liability, customs, duties and local taxes for importing goods into your country. Our expert and experienced export staff will assist you in helping to make the transaction very easy . All merchandise is sold “EX WORKS” USA shipping point (point of origin). Any Loss, damages or Shortages must be indicated on the carrier’s BOL and YOU must file a claim with the freight carrier. Please keep in mind, we only set up shipping as a courtesy and convenience for you and all your claims must be directed to the freight company or shipping line and not to us.

Please be advised that we use standard wood or plastic pallets in shipping our merchandise that may or may not comply with ISPM-15 requirements.

If your country needs special ISPM-15 certification specifying that the wood pallets that are to be used in shipping your cargo has to be either heat treated (HT) to (56 degrees C for thirty minutes) or fumigated (MB) with methyl bromide, you as the customer/ importer or your freight forwarder must specify this in advance and advise us in writing of this requirement for your country before or at the time you are placing your order.

The customer/importer is responsible for the complete clearing process at the customs in their country and should be knowledgeable of their country’s specific requirements. There is extra charge for these special ISPM-15 pallets and/or fumigation services. Therefore, all costs and expense to comply with this ISPM-15 pallet requirement is the responsibility of the customer/importer and we must be advised of this in writting before invoicing you in order that we can charge you extra for this service and pallets.If you fail to advise us of this requirement for your country before we invoice you, then all risk and expense as well as any extra charges and fines for non-compliance is the sole responsibility of the customer/importer. Any USA and overseas customs’ inspection fees and charges, seizures, detention for any reason, are the sole responsibility of the customer/importer. Buyers or their representatives are expected to inspect the merchandise before shipping and to supervise the loading of their export containers.

Drop Ship Program

We provide drop ship services at no extra cost. If you place an order with us and you want us to ship direct to your customer – we can easily and safely provide this service.

  • Please tell us where to ship your order. We will provide shipping quote to the drop ship destination.Minimum is $2,500. per location.Total order must be at least $7,500.
  • We will ship once we have received payment for merchandise plus shipping cost to each location.
  • We can ship your order ‘Blind’ at your request.
  • You provide your customer with your own customer service and we simply provide shipping services. We act as your very own warehouse!
  • All sales are final. Thank you.

Please note: Once an electronic signature is submitted, this electronic order constitutes an electronic letter of agency and a firm order for purchase of our products AAA Closeout Liquidators reliance upon your electronic signature was specifically sanctioned and written into law when the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Transactions Act were enacted in 1999 and 2000, respectively. Both laws specifically preempt all state laws that recognize only paper and handwritten signatures.

P.S. – I was once told by a Great Businessman

“There are 3 kinds of people in the world

  1. Those that MAKE Things HAPPEN…
  2. Those that WATCH Things Happen…
  3. Those that SAY “What Happened?”

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36 Yrs Experience - Since 1979
Well Rated By D&B
(Credibility, Integrity & Reliability)
Closeouts Wanted for Cash
We Buy Closeouts and Liquidations for Cash
The trusted liquidator of closeouts, customer returns, salvage & surplus liquidations since 1979.